Free Home Evaluation

Keep Calm and Believe Your Real Estate Agent!

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is my home’s value?” but don’t know what it takes to get a home evaluation? When it comes to determiningthe value of your home, it is important to consult with a professional real estate agent who has complete knowledge about the market in which you live.

Frank Pontes will provide you with free home evaluation in London, Ontario. There is no compulsion and no cost associated with my service.

Many online sources give you home evaluation by using algorithms, guesses, incorrect public information, and estimates that all are wrong. A professional real estate agent is the only one who can provide a real picture of what is the monetary value of your home and property.

Getting a home evaluation is an essential step in selling a home. It helps to determine the best sales price. Generally, sellers want to know they get the best money for their home, and purchasers want to make sure they are getting wonderful deals. Both ways, performing a home evaluation will provide a perfect starting price for the seller and buyer.

To get a reliable home evaluation value, it is essential to speak to an agent who can:

  • Create a market report of similar homes to yours in your area that have just sold.
  • Send you the report with complete details, photos, and prices of the homes.
  • Give you clarification of the current market for homes.
  • This is the right actual sold property information chosen by a professional agent in your area.

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