Privacy Policy Introduction All CREA sites REALTORS® and Global Affiliates Buyers and Sellers General Privacy Policies Person searching on a laptop. This portion of our privacy policy applies to the website and mobile applications that are branded as – CREA’s real estate advertising online product. For the most part, all versions of, regardless of the platform, collect, use and disclose your personal information in the same way. For this reason we collectively refer to them as “”. How does Use Your Information? account information gives the ability to create an account. We may use information stored in your account for the purposes noted in “How does Use Your Information”. You may delete your account at any time by accessing your Account Information and selecting “Deactivate Account”. If you delete your account, your personal information will be deleted after 30-days (in case you accidentally deleted your account and wish to contact us to reactivate it). Notwithstanding your account deletion, CREA may retain a record of when you subscribed to any of our email lists to help us demonstrate we are compliant with Canada’s Anti-Spam legislation. CREA may also retain other account information (e.g. a record of when you agreed to the terms of use) for evidentiary/litigation purposes or where CREA is required to keep such information by law. Buyers and Sellers A couple meeting with a REALTOR®. This webpage will be of particular interest to buyers and sellers of properties for sale on’s relationship with your REALTOR® and Board/Association MLS® Systems When you work with a REALTOR®, your property listing may be added to a local Board’s/Association’s MLS® System. Find out more information on what exactly an MLS® System is. Information on properties listed for sale on Board MLS® Systems may then be provided to CREA by Boards/Associations for display on CREA’s property database websites (including and CREA’s Data Distribution Facility (DDF®)). While such information pertains to real property, some aspects of the information (e.g. Sale Price) may be considered as personal information. The collection, use and disclosure of such information is governed by the applicable Board’s privacy policy and listing agreement. CREA only uses this information for display on CREA’s property database websites, and for general market research and analysis purposes. Third Party Storage Buyers and sellers should be aware that their property listing information may be stored with a third party. Find out more about how CREA deals with the storage of personal information on third party servers.

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