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“Real estate agent provides the greatest value, return,

and the least risk!”

Thinking of purchasing a new home? Get help on the right and scary parts of home buying with Frank Pontes.


Hiring a professional real estate agent makes selling a house a lot easier. You are also more likely to get the best price you want and sell faster in an agent-assisted sale. If you are selling your featured properties in London, Ontario,and thinking of not hiring a real estate agent, think carefully. You might know a few prospective buyers, but that is not the end of a sale.

Yes, it is absolutely true that doing all the work yourself can help you save lots of hard-earned money you would have paid a real estate agent. But it is not as easy as your cup of coffee. This process takes a lot of time and effort. Professional real estate agents do much more than just show your home to people. They will do everything, from documentation to networking.

Why choose Frank Pontes?

Help with legwork:

Selling a house is not just about putting it for sale, sign in the yard, and waiting for a purchaser to show up. There are many tasks that need to be done if you are to find a big pool of buyers and sell it for the prices exactly you want.

Frank Ponteswill help you with plenty of grunt work. He will get amazing photographs and videos of the house, help stage it, interact with potential customers, evaluate offers, and perfectly guide negotiations.

Pricing strategy:

Pricing can make or break the selling deal of your house. You need to reach a number that is both fair given the type of house you are selling and attracting local buyers. It is harder than it seems.

Fortunately, Frank Pontes has innovative methods for identifying the right listing price for homes. He conducts a comparative market analysis to study what related homes in the area are sold for. It helps make sure that you determine a compelling price to buyers right off the bat.

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